Thursday, 10 January 2013

The American Empire...

The Original title for this post was "USA vs UK vs EU" however as I wrote I found myself drifting from the topic of the 'Special Relationship' to the role of America as the 'Police of the World'...

Now before I go on I want to make it clear to my conservative (GOP) readers that I am as patriotic as the next guy. I want America to succeed in the World both economically and influentially. However I am also a supporter of Liberty and Self Determination. So by extension I am opposed to the growth of the 'American Empire'.

Now you're probably asking "What American Empire?" so I'll explain. America doesn't have an Empire in the conventional sense of the word. It's more a way of describing the the way in which the US keeps its army scattered around the world on a permanent basis in other sovereign nations. Places like Kosovo, Japan, Kuwait, Bulgaria, Australia, Brazil, Cuba and Italy to name but a few. Surely if military action in these regions is over it should be fine for them to come home? Why keep nearly 174,000 troops stationed in more than 150 countries? Do they realise the cost of keeping them overseas?

On top of that there are also troops stationed in the 294 Embassies and Consulates across the globe. Some of the embassies are excessively big. For example the US embassy in Iraq is bigger than the Vatican and has its own Power Station, Water Treatment Works, Gym and Olympic Swimming Pool. Handily payed for by the American Tax Payer via the Federal Government. In fact some tax money comes from citizens who don't even live in the US (A prime example of a mandate overreaching its boundaries.)
No other nation builds embassies this large and as wasteful as the US. In fact many nations share embassies as a cost cutting measure. For example the British Embassy in Reykjavik is shared with Germany and recently British Foreign secretary William Hague signed an agreement to share embassies with Canada. What purpose do these huge Embassies even serve?

Still not convinced about the existence of the 'American Empire'? What about its over arching influence and brutish way of enforcing what it wants. The Authoritarian administrations that have been through the White House in recent years have enacted their toll on those who do not do what they want. Countries like Iraq and Afghanistan have been occupied in bids to "Restore order..." or "Free the people..." with no regard to the sanctity of human life. Did it ever occur to anyone in the White House or in Congress that going to war in these countries was what started attacks on the US and NATO. People don't like to be occupied and suppressed and when they feel that thats whats happening they rise up. It happened in America in the 1700s and its happening in the Middle East now. Ron Paul released a campaign ad that highlighted that fact.
These countries should only get help if they ask for it and it should only be in the form of non-lethal equipment. During the Libyan Civil War Britain offered the Rebels flak jackets and smoke grenades but where reluctant to offer them any real weapons. That seemed to work and I feel that that should be a model for non interventionist aid that the US and the West should be providing. America should also only offer aid if the people want it and are truly working in the intrest of the people. They should not be forcing ideologies on to the people or Governments of those nations...

Which brings me on to the US vs UK vs EU argument that I wanted to talk about to begin with. The US recently said that it would not be a wise move for Britain to leave the EU. For a start when did Washington start to dictate what Westminster can and can't do. In fact when did Britain become the 51st state of America. If the people of Britain want to be independent of the European Union then thats our choice just like it was Americas choice to leave the British Empire. So as far as I'm concerned the American Empire can stop dictating what colonies we can keep (The Falklands), What trade zones we're part of (The EU) and where we pay tax to (American Citizens in the UK paying income tax)...

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